Dondretta’s Holy land escape 2023
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Dondretta Strong

Professional, Creative, and Compassionate

Your Trusted Partner for Exceptional Service and Memorable Events.

Event Planner​

Let's plan perfect your event together. I work at your side to plan, organize and launch a memorable experience.

Recruitment and Placement

Streamline your talent pipeline with one-time placements that save your bottom line.

Comfort Care

From home visits to funeral home comfort, I'm here to ease your stress during life's toughest moments.

Meet Dondretta Strong

From workforce projects to event planning and comfort care, Dondretta Strong is your go-to expert for exceptional service.

Dondretta Strong is a professional with several years of Workforce Special Project Skills. Her leadership experience includes Education, Specialty, Recruitment, and Placement.

Dondretta Strong, The Event Planner, is committed to organizing first-experience wedding receptions and other special occasions. Professionally facilitate various events logistics to ensure attendees have a seamless yet enjoyable experience.

Dondretta Strong, The Comfort Care person, has cared for families for over 30 years a
pproaching end-of-life situations. 

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